Doncaster slang term for the penis of a fat man, the shaft of which is buried and hidden in pubic fat leaving just the head on show, sticking out like a sticky out belly button
"So I got his pants down but he was so fat his jubb looked like a little mushroom and I felt really sorry for him"

"He were wiggling his jubby at me, trying to impress me like, but I just laughed"

"He had a wee Jubb and even hard i just could nea do anything with it like"
by The Yorkie Bear Kid May 24, 2012
Top Definition
Jubb is jubb.
Anything can be jubb, and it is one of my favorite adjectives. Jubb can be good, or bad, but if you describe a female as jubb, it usually means they're fat.
Life is jubb.

That chick is SO jubb it's disgusting!
by ;;fab. March 01, 2009
A term used to determine a scatty or forgetful person.

When one goes off on a tangent and completly changes the original topic (Jubbing)
Somebody being a complete scat(Phoebe from friends - Or Nadia)is sometimes refered to as a jubb.
by supajubb June 05, 2004
A disabled person. Mainly used when referring to someone with mental retardation.
1) That Jubb is dribbling on himself
by Mathius-Montilius May 25, 2009
(noun) def. - the process by which language becomes a complete impediment to understanding...totally.
Nadia, you Jubb.
by the honourable Jubbsalot May 01, 2003 jubb out. talk shit and be very confused as a result of taking drugs, usually ecstacy. 2. who's a jubb?!! as you would shout at your happy friend who is "jubbin out!"
0oi!!!! check it dave, dat geezer's a fu**in' jubb, he keeps tryin to lick that geezer's shirt!
by Danny Tripper February 26, 2005
West coast Norwegian slang for sigarett butt.
"After the party there were a lot of jubbs on the floor".
by brunost August 13, 2011
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