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A young European (mostly Dutch) party-animal.

Usually between the ages of 16-23. Will be clearly distinguishable wearing loud Hawaiian shorts, chequered Vans sneakers, a slanted Marvel-Action-Comic-design cap and florescent Ray-Ban’s.

Often spotted boarding European Interail trains with bad hangovers, or being thrown out of cheap hostels in the early hours.

Constantly seeking out a party; unafraid to approach you as a complete stranger and enquire – “Hey, where-zu paurty?!”

Will drink and/or consume narcotics beyond the point of reason.
by Quelmo Rodriguez July 08, 2010
A girlyman
A joyboy is one who wears the most colorful crocs, bermuda shorts,sunglasses,baseball cap and sits at the beach all day long sipping Shirley Temples,also a man who sits around all day while his wife goes out and works
by Jim Coletto January 05, 2009
Several meanings.

1. A person who doesn't take things seriously/a childish and irresponsible person.

2. Homosexual
Used as an insult; not necessarily directed towards a person who practices this lifestyle, but as a synonym for wuss/pussy/chicken.
1. Seinfeld Ep22 (S03E05) - The Library
Bookman (talking to Jerry) : You and your good-time buddies. Well I got a flash for ya, joy-boy: Party time is over. Y'got seven days, Seinfeld. That is one week!

2. Sadistic gym teacher : You still got 3 more laps, get moving, joy-boy!
by Disassembler August 23, 2007
Man, or boy who seeks physical pleasure, or joy from other men, or boys.
Simon King (and he's ginger)
by Dunc August 29, 2003
A faggot,homosexual, ass spelunker.
Man, I went into the bathroom at that club and there were to joyboy's making out or some shit. Only in Miami.
by Jtron 3000 April 24, 2003