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Joy is a young woman full of charm and vigour. She is incredibly intelligent but doubts herself massively at times. She knows no limits and will live up to her name at all costs. Those closest to her will find her fierce loyalty admirable. She will always give everything she has to those most important to her. She loves to be cynical and can turn any situation into one that is humourous. Her smile is infectious. Joys are a joy to have in your life.
I met Joy today.
Doesn't she have a great smile?

There's nobody quite like Joy.
by mrijla May 25, 2013
"The outward expression of your love relationship with God."
"He(Jesus) gives me joy thats unspeakable, and i like it."
by Halycondrop June 07, 2004
The outward expression of your love relationship with God.
Joy is one of the fruits of the spirit.
by www.eternalsoldiers.net September 09, 2003
A male who is extremely attracted to white females and who is extremely horny at all times and does not hesitate to fuck a female to exhaustion. Also enjoys a quickie. Goes to all ends to satisfy his women and only asks for something small in exchange.
Joy was great last night.
I just can't get enough of Joy!
I want to ride Joy!
by FuckingJoy July 25, 2011
a term used to describe a man's genitalia
She definitely felt my joy last night
by Dwims January 10, 2011
Oh great; ah man; rats; not again. Sarcastic expression of the joy NOT going to be felt after the implementation or description of the ensuing expression.
Oh joy, looks like we have more assignments to do before Thursday.
by Jon March 17, 2005
Someone who is half-Jewish; a combination of the words Jew and goy.
"Hey Mark, did you ever have a Bar Mitzvah?"
"No. I'm not that religious; I'm actually a Joy."
by Jack324 March 18, 2008