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Jow: Slang for Marijuana in parts of Northern Illinois, specifically Mchenry County.
"lets go smoke some jow"
"Got any poon jow?"
"Hey Jowsman hows your jow"
"Whats up smokejow?"
by Galapagos Tortuga January 26, 2009
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Person who has lots of SNs, knows who Drum is, and thinks Mewtwos are cool. Jow is commonly mis-speled "Jyou". Some say the Jow is selfish, while others think its just weird.
I am Jow and I like to throw pinecones at political figures.
by adonkeyisaass October 09, 2003
A naming term used between good friends.
Daniel - "Alright Jow!"
Ash - "Safe Jow!"
by thatkidash February 13, 2011
A word used casually at the end of sentences which doesn't stand for anything.

It can also replace the word lol

It is pronounced like cow but with the letter J replacing C
Haha that is so funny jow
by Lealeelee November 09, 2010
A little boy with a blonde fringe often wearing a peak. Guess he could be partially Br00tal?
Pidge- I feel sorry for the boy, some bird must have shat on his fringe.

Randomer- Safe Jow (:
by Pidgeyyy Sniperrr January 14, 2008
Something one would say when in physical or mental pain or a state of confusion.
"OMG I am missing my cellphone and wallet... JOW!
by Gineykat January 10, 2009

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