A cunning, sweet, smart-when-he-wants-to-be guy. Very attractive with usually a wide variety of admirers.
Joseph's are attention seekers, and also privacy seekers, and have a need for music that leaves them tapping on random objects.

Can be stubborn and unobservant; Can be outgoing around friends, shy around acquaintances.

Joseph's are caring but sometimes may unintentionally hurt others with their blatant remarks.
Gives the best hugs. Usually dark, curly-haired, with dark eyes that you never want to look away from.

Loves animals and joking around, best with a woman close to his personality, such as a Sabrina or Selene.
For example, a leo Joseph and Sabrina are a wonderful pair.
Joseph: I like you, Sabrina. You're funny.
Sabrina: Why thank you. You're a pretty awesome person yourself!
Joseph: Yeah,you're perfect for me, want to go out?
Sabrina: Oooh, sure, sounds exciting! :D
Joseph: :)
by Heyitswheee May 24, 2012
Joseph or "Joe" a bay area slang term for marijuana
"Hey ma I'm gonna chill with joe"
"Yea we were really with joe"
"I'm so josephed!"
"Hey lets chill with joseph"
by cactusinmyhead December 22, 2007
One who is very knowedgeable of android phones. The worst enemy of the Iphone.
My name is Joseph, how may I be of assistance.
by joey4 May 25, 2011
A guy that takes girls virginities, and dips when she thinks shes pregnant. With a REALLY small penis. And doesn't know when hes inside a girl
Joseph fucked her on a sink and he didn't know if he was in or not
by Sexyassmothafucka April 27, 2012
to look at the ceiling and count the dots on the panels. commenly done after tests. only works in schools.
after that test I was sooo bored man, I josephed for half an hour.
by Hero rasmussen February 27, 2008
LOVES organization, has a little bit of ocd. The youngest of four. Has a effed up memory. A warm hearted, sweet-talking, adorable geek. Enjoys playing xbox, guitar, sleeping, watching Rob & Big, helps me solve stupid drama problems, loves Jimmy Kimmel, Rockstar, beer and wing night, and hot showers. Average body with a booty. Loves listening to Pearl Jam, The Fray and Aerosmith. The greatest listener i've met (:
He's a real Joseph, i've never seen his room messy.
I'm pulling a Joseph tonight.
My OnTheGo playlist should be titled 'Joseph'
by cupcake030491 May 15, 2009
rare slang for a joint
lets roll a joseph and get stoned
by maco1991 July 01, 2009
very ugly guy, usually asian and often gay. josephs are normally obsessed with themselves and usually break mirrors cause they are so ugly.
eww that must be joseph!
by josephsareugly November 21, 2011

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