one who is waaaaaay to skinny
joseph is a word on
by yikes you made me jizz December 20, 2008
Usually a blonde male who enjoys surfing. They usually hate basketball and almost all sports. They have white teeth and shiny watches, and usually have a girlfriend who hates sports as well but is better than everyone at high jump. Most Joseph's have a summer job at an icecream shop! They are funny great listeners and have radical shoes!
Hey look at that kid over there, his name must be joseph!
by jellyyum ;) May 13, 2009
Spending atleast over 10 hours of nonstope WoWing and using lame ass excuses like
"I can't go to the party and fuck the bitches im raiding"
Taylor: want to go to this party with girls DTF
Matt:nah man I gotta raid
Taylor:wow what a "Joseph"
by taylorsund August 27, 2008
The biggest sissy in the Bible, this is also applicable as a general insult for anyone who purportedly contains ovaries and tear ducts.
When Mahalalel got hit in the nuts with a baseball, he began to weep; what a frickin' Joseph
by Nathan Clarke October 04, 2006

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