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complete legend , makes everyone feel happy and filled with joy . Her face is just utterly stunning ! Most commonley friends with people of the name " Sarah" . Basically just amazing , everyone wants to be a Jorja .
Fred - Who is your bestfriend ?
Jorja _ Sarah of course !

Fred - By the way you smoking hunni !
#hot #amazing #sarah #legend #happy
by jsizzle1996 July 16, 2011
A wierd but funny girl with a huge monobrow (but she controlls the situation with the garden strimmer) , she drinks milk with a spoon and is also prone to falling off of beds, hitting as many pieces of furniture as possible on the way down.
Beware as she may try to walk into closed doors or steel your baby.
Dude, shave your jorja.
#monobrow #wierd #milk #babies #newman #wayne #swindon
by Mop6229 January 15, 2011
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