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Another word for jokes or kidding. Often used with lots of expression. Created by NathenSama
"You're Beautiful"
by nSama March 28, 2010
59 22
A large predatory mammal, preferring to hunt younger prey (under 20 years old), but known to take down larger, older beasts in desperation.
Hide your daughters, there's a Jonks in the loose.
by zzabc February 05, 2010
23 13
Slang term for female or feminin person other variation is nigga-jonk gay-jonk from the book of Obscene
Looka dat fine jonk ova there!

i can't stand that fagget-jonk!
by Quranic September 01, 2008
27 26

1. To flirt with or to go after snookies.


1. The act of jonking or a night of jonking.
Ex: "We were all hanging out at Coney Island when a bunch of snookies came through. Next thing we knew, Jack was jonking with the entire table of snookies."

Ex: "Ain't nothing gonna slow my jonk."
by Snookie Enthusiast December 30, 2010
12 17
Owned plz, One who is owning people, one who can shove arrows through your ass.
Liek OMFG Jonk is chasing me through the wildy kicking my ass!!!
by Insulin March 13, 2005
36 42
jonk-a shorty who is very tight and goodlooking
that jonk keisha is bangin she wright.
by robeasy October 06, 2006
22 35
see also jonx.
"My boyfriend has cartoonishly ginormous jonks."
by Susie Lee February 16, 2004
8 21