a womans breasts/bosom/boobs/pineapples.
here she comes, oh Boy! look at those jonkers!!
by Marcu$ March 22, 2005
a moron who attempted to make a sex joke but ended up getting a boner from his own joke.
person 1: "he got a boner from his own joke?"
person 2: "i know right? what a jonker."
by deerfucker420 March 12, 2015
Anthing, refers to a noun. Also can be a celery joint.
You are a dirty jonker!
What the jonk are you doing?
I need the hook up on some jonk!
by Timmy from the Streets October 09, 2003
An absolute beautiful pair of breasts. Specifically on the larger size.
She got all the attention in the room with those beautiful Jonkers popping out of her dress.
by BiggMan0nCampus March 17, 2015
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