An untalented, overrated band consisting of Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas who all claim to have 'purity rings' and be virgins, yet they still sell sex to little girls. They are under one of the tightest contracts that Disney has to offer, so they will continue to sell sex to little girls as long as they live.
by Velvette August 19, 2009
hotness and perfection in the form of three terrific, very deserving, amazing boys. <3
wow! those JONAS BROTHERS are amazingly GORGEOUS! and any other form of awesomeness towards them]
by Elizabeth Jonas March 09, 2008
an okay band. they're lyrics DO have some meaning and the tunes and the beats are alright. but the fanbase of this group is way too much. i swear every single jonas fan out there is like a crazy stalker. but anyways...there an okay band(what do you expect, there underage) that gets way to overhyped. well they're better than Hannah Montana
crazy girl:OMG OMG!! THE JONAS BROTHERS ARE COMING TO MY HOMETOWN!!!!! *jumps around and falls*
me:chill out, its not like Paramore is coming!
by jadali March 16, 2008
The Jonas Brothers are not the typical pop bullshit we hear now-a-days. Their a talented band of three brothers, Nick, Joe, and Kevin, from New Jersey.

And unlike what other idiots on here said, they aren't gay, pussies, or cock-suckers. People on this site REALLY need to stop saying things like that. Not only is it rude, homo-phobic, at times sexiest, and just plain obnoxious, it also makes you sound like a 13 year old boy who just heard a cuss word for the first time. In other words, an idiot.

Once you get past the screaming fangirls and their over-exposure from Disney, this group of kids are actually quite talented. They write their own songs and have a visible passion for music. Not even famous rock stars are dedicated enough to build a recording studio on their tour bus. And to all the fangirls who the Jonas Brothers are rockstars, they aren't. Their pop, branching into poprock as of recent. They even say so themselves.

No, they aren't as good as the Beatles. They even say so. But they are actually good which is uncommon for people on the Disney Channel. They deserve much more respect than what is given to them. You go JoBros!
ME:"No hun. They're good, not gods."
Asshole:"The hobros suck! Their faggots and their gay ass music makes my ears bleed!"
ME:"Have you ever actually listened to one of their songs?"
Asshole:"NO! Why would I listen to that shit? They're the worst fucking band ever! The only reason they're famous is because they make 12 year old girls jump out of their training bras!
Me:"If you've never listened to their music how do you know they suck? Is it because most of their fans are teenage girls? So because girls like something it must suck right? Wow. You're both homophobic AND sexiest! Good job.
Asshole:"Whatever. They're still fags."
Me: "Why are they fags?"
Asshole:"Because they dance around stage in tight-girl pants and they refuse to fuck all those fans of theirs that want to jump them."
Me: "I thought all their fans were 12? Does that mean you support stagatory rape?"
Asshole: "Huh- what, no!"
Me: "Really? Are YOU a fag then?"
Asshole: "FUCK NO!"
Me: "Well,you just contradicted yourself, but I'll move on before your primative brain starts to hurt from all the big words I'm using. Idiots like you are why so many girls love the Jonas Brothers. Because, unlike you, they're gentlemen. Which is part of the reason why they are most likely going to get laid before you do. Even with their rings. Oh, and by the way neanderthal, not all their fans are squeeling twelve year olds. Me and my friends love them and we're all 21.
Asshole: "Huh?"
Me: "I thought so."
by lesleylove February 04, 2009
The Jonas Brothers are not "fags." Their music IS real music, and their songs DO have meaning to them. They set a good example for people their age, and don't sing about how bootylicious some girl is. Nick Jonas, the youngest Jonas brother, has type 1 diabetes. Just about every guy hates them, because the Jonas Brothers are more successful, unique, talented, and much more good looking then them.
And no, I am not nine years old, nor do I tYpE liiKe dIs.
I also don't watch Disney Channel, that's now how I found out about the Jonas Brothers. They started out with Colombia Records, which is NOT related to Disney Channel in any way.
Diss the Jonas Brothers all you want, but at the end of the day they still have millions of fans, and are more successful then you'll ever be.
by jbislove March 23, 2008
An inspiring, amazing band from Wycoff, New Jersey. Just because their music isn't some rap song about some girls butt, or some heavy metal punk kid whining about how crap life is, with drug references and that, doesn't mean their music is kiddy. No, I am not 12. I am almost 17. I hate the incredibly cheesey High School Musical, the disney channel and Hannah Montana.

Their music is aimed at a wide audience, from children as young as 7, all the way up to adults of about 25. I admit that sometimes their music is cheesey, but atleast they write their own songs and don't just write about stupid things like tits that noone cares about.

Their influence tree goes way back, everything from My Chemical Romance, to The Backstreet Boys to Weird Al Yvonick! They do not class themselves as one genre of music, as their lyrics and tune vary from song to song, combining strong powerful guitar riffs with soft ballad-like synths.

Nick, the youngest of the amazing trio, was recently diagnosed with diabetes. Although it has been hard for him, he has never gave up, teaching children and adolescents with ANY type of illness all over the word that you can be anything you want to be.

If they are not your type of music, I'm not going to argue with you. Not many people hate them because theres nothing much to hate about them.
8 year old: I love the Jonas Brothers!
14 year old: Their music gives me a sense of belonging.. I love them so effing much.
22 Year old: Theres nothing NOT to love about these boys.
by xBELIVEIBLEDx May 31, 2008
kevin, nick and joe . hottest people alive . put on such an amazing concert march 21, 2008 at trump taj majal in atlantic city .
The Jonas Brothers are so sexy and hot.
by Michellelovesthejb March 24, 2008
began their raging popularity in the summer of 2007. band of three studly brothers who are a christian band that started in wycoff new jersey. (in order of age) kevin, joe, and nick. teen pop sensations. almost every teenage girl in the U.S. has heard/or is a fan of them. no profanity, drug refrence, sexual inuendos, or dirty misconceptions.
began in late 2004/early 2005. started touring in 05'
(I became a fan spring 06')

around 20% of thier fans dispise the newer ones who heard year 3000 first and fell in love with them.
currently comepared to the beatles of the teenage girl population.
yet another teenie: NICK IS MINE!!!
by Haley T January 02, 2008
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