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An intellegente lady who is full of wisdom but hardly any common sense. Very religious and family oriented. Loves her kids and her jobs.
That Jolaine is so wise but damn she has no common sense!
by maverickmarrs December 05, 2010
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JoLaine is the funniest, nicest, most beautiful girl you will ever meet. She can brighten any room she walks into! She's bubbly and cute and sexy all at the same time. Her personality is so unique, she can make and impact on your life with only meeting her once. You will never forget her and you will find yourself craving her presence. JoLaine does a small wall up when it comes to romance, but once you knock it down you will regret ever losing her.
"Dude, you're so lucky, she is such a JoLaine."
by SumsumNORTH February 17, 2017
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