So sexy, it makes you want tbe insane.
Benny and Joon...says all.
by Lilly January 15, 2004
wow... as if he's frigin 40... owell id fuck him
itd be fun ta get ta smoke one with him!!!
by yowzaa January 10, 2004
the most sexiest actor ever!
johnny depp said hi to me
by rhiannon January 05, 2005
the sexiest man alive
whoa, johnny depp was so fucking hot in pirates of the caribbean
by nee November 25, 2003
the hottest actor on the planet and looks very good in eyeliner
mmmmmm johnny depp
by holliver twist March 09, 2004
hot sexy son of a bitch, the only 40 year old i`d consider doing.
sexy, beautiful, hot, etc
by shizzort November 26, 2003
the Best and Hottest Actor in the world i could dohim all day long!
I could do him until he can't do it anymore
by Chrissy March 22, 2004

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