A very good looking actor, who is much better looking than the ugly twat called Orlando Bloom.
Orlando Bloom is gay.
by Blonde Bitch March 28, 2004
An actor who, after many rebellious incidents, is famous for his boyish good looks. He was a "pretty-boy" actor and now is considered one of Hollywood's sexiest actors.
Johnny Depp is an actor...
by AzN LeMoN SkIn January 14, 2005
The best actor out there, yes, EVEN BEFORE (gasp) POtC.

thats right.

Watch some of his earlier work too, teenyboppers, you'll fall even more in love <3
Depp owns in every movie he's ever been in.

ps hi lyssthlove
by childster September 13, 2003
a total babe and is extremely talented. he has a band is an actor and has flawless looks.
watch any of his movies and i guarantee that you will fall in love with him.
by linda March 04, 2005
fkn hottest actor EVER even though hes like 40. He always was, is and will be the ultimate cooool and hotness (i dont normally go for old guys)
omg johnny depp is hot!!!!!!!!!!
by jodi June 11, 2004
eat-able? yes. respectable? definitly. rape-able? mmmm NO!you know why??? because Johnny Depp is FAR too good for all these kids running around screaming his orgasmic name. He is a PROfessional actor and GAWD no doubt about that...but sometimes....these little 15 year old girls get carried away with their Depptastic fantasies. Johnny Depp is more than a nice body (which is what they all care about). He is a cup of tea with jack white. He is a hot bath on a rainy day. He is....
the most AMAZING man you would be LUCKY to even dream about.
Johnny Depp OWNS!
by Elisha January 03, 2004
A celebrity, that portrayed as a pirate.
Person 1: Hey look it's Johnny Depp!

Person 2: You mean the sexy pirate?!
by Santiagox3 February 21, 2012
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