fucking hott fer a 40 year old!!!!! but id still do him... haha allday-anyday!!!!
whats example???
by idblowem25 January 10, 2004
Johnny Depp is an actor whose acute brilliance far surpasses that of most actors I have seen. His characterizations are amazingly different, and he brings out the quirks of each character not only with his delivery of lines, but also with his body movements and his facial expressions.

There is no doubt that Johnny Depp is one of the public's favorite people, and not just because he's attractive. (Although I did hear that there is a band by the name of 'Gay for Johnny Depp.')

We love him for many reasons; for instance, we love him for his commitment to his children and his partner, Vanessa Paradis. We love him for his personality quirks, his humor, and his innate sense of style (vintage is in). We love him for his performances, and his sheer humanity.

Many of these definitions read that he is 'perfection.' But this is not true. The reason we love him is because he is NOT perfection; he represents a greater package that transcends mere perfection, and that is a person who has the ability to have flaws, and still remain loveable on many levels.

Most of all, we love him (or I love him for this reason at least) for the mere fact that he came out of the Hollywood Machine unscathed.

Thanks to Johnny Depp for being himself! He's an inspiration!

Some of his movies:
-Cry-Baby (classic)
-Dead Man
-Sleepy Hollow
-The Ninth Gate
-Chocolat (a little more mainstream)
-The Man Who Cried (not one of my favorites)
-Pirates 1, 2, 3 (very mainstream, good characterization though)
-Finding Neverland (somewhat mainstream)
-Secret Window
-Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

...and many others that I would try to find but for the fact that I have no money.

Coming up:
-Sweeney Todd (I'm excited)
-The Rum Diary

Go inform yourselves on the subject of Johnny Depp movies... always makes for good conversation.
Johnny Depp is an all around good guy.
by Doomed to Obscurity August 21, 2007
Johnny Depp is the epitome of cool, sexy, humble, talent and raw sex appeal. He is a GOD, an amazing beauty a tremendous talent. There is nothing about this man that is wrong. His hair, his cheekbones, his eyes, his smile, that glorious spot where his collarbones meet, his neck, his arms his back.......Johnny is the perfect man
There are no examples that match Johnny Depp
by Depps_Lover March 09, 2007
Ultra Talented.
Super Hotttttttttttttt.
Fantastic Movies.
Diverse movie roles.
Undaunted by the unknown.

how much better could he get?
Basically, all I really want to do is sleep with Johnny Depp.
by Kujo9 July 27, 2006
The greatest actor with the best movies and the greatest face and hair and most lucious body out there.
sex god
Johnny Depp is the sexiest 40-year-old alive.
by Yours Truly June 22, 2004
the hottest actor ever to wear waterproof eyeliner!(pirates of the carribean)
by Anonymous July 19, 2003
*sings* soooo hot, want to grab the heinie...

A very handsome actor, very very handsome, and very talented
Johnny Depp is hot.
by Aluralas July 14, 2003

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