Ten million times better and more attractive than Orlando Bloom
Has great movies such as:

Pirates of the Caribbean Curse of the Black Pearl/Dead Mans Chest
Ed Wood
Edward Scissorhands
From Hell
Sleepy Hollow
Benny And Joon
And tons more.
Johnny Depp > Orlando Bloom
by xsparrow January 20, 2007
One of the most versatile American actors of this generation

Known for taking on more eccentric roles:Ed Wood,Willy Wonka,Don Juan DeMarco

Charming and at home in both a suit and pirate's breeches

Attractive to all ages,children and adults alike

Probably best known for the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' series,but check him out in 'Ed Wood' and 'Benny and Joon'

Nominated for an Academy award for 'Pirates of the Caribbean:Curse of the Black Pearl'

In the movie 'Ed Wood',Johnny was not nominated for an Academy award,but his co-star Martin Landau not only was nominated for supporting actor but won for his portrayal of Bela Lugosi
I believe Johnny Depp is one of the best actors today.
by WillowRose January 14, 2007
A talented, amazing man.
Incredibly creative.
Humble and down to earth.

Appreciated by men and women alike.

Has more talent in his little finger than most people have in their entire body. You could probably smell it.

Not overrated.
Is praised the amount that he deserves.

Oozes sex appeal.
Aided by the way he handles/plays a guitar.

One of the most beautiful men on the face of the earth.

See also definition 6: of God
johnnygasm and
I want to lick Johnny Depp's face.

I want a go on Johnny Depp.

*"johnny depp, you're hip
i'd like to bite your lower lip
and scrunch your edward scissor hair
Johnny bear"

*lyrics - johnny depp by Amy anne band
by LeahSade November 23, 2006
An amazing actor that should be respected for more than looks and his roll as CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow!
Many songs have been written about him.
His roles are the most diverse i have seen
Polite,shy(ive been told)
If you have only seen "pirates" and only like him for that or looks, you should be considered a "teenybopper" if you arent one, and go look up to orlando bloom but when you fall 3 stories, dont walk again.
He doesnt give a flying f--- what people think of him, doesnt wanna be some pretty boy, and would like to hear a little kid say i love captain jack than some 20 say he is hot.
Go read his quotes on the imdb.
He can play guitar.
loves his family.
would do anthing for them.
Something weird for raisins/grapes.
Edward scissorhands:pokes the grapes
benny and joon:raisins humiliated grapes
potc deleted scenes:more humiliated grapes
charlie and the chocolate factory:grapes mentioned
I have nothing more to say other than:
Go watch one of his movies made before 2000
Sleepy Hollow
What's Eating Gilbert Grape
Benny and Joon
Edward Scissorhands

You wanna see his pretty boy image?
watch 21 JUMP STREET.
an all around goos show with really relevant issues.

BTW:he does a great job of being LOCO!
he stares at her like shes miss december and she stares at him like hes johnny depp.-gilmore girls
by Yeppy Deppy November 12, 2006
A riduculously good looking actor who has starred in many awesome fimls.
Is the male equivelent of a MILF
Has sexy eyes and i think he looks better un shaven
i do not have an example coz i cbf
Now I must use the word johnny depp because the red dot says so
by Fruit Salad yummy yummy July 29, 2006
oh my, Johnny Depp!! He's hot, part native american, and also a very talented actor.

he's so f*ckin sexy!!
oooo yes! gimme some Depp!!!
by Mrs. Depp May 07, 2004
Mmmm... One hot sexy peice of ace. The most talented actor to ever walk this earth (or any other).
I would let Johnny Depp strip me of my innonce anyday.
by Sarah March 31, 2004

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