The closest thing to a perfect human being. He is so beautiful, both in the flesh and in the roles he portrays. As well as being ridiculously attractive, he is an incredible actor, underappreciated by new generations of fans for his roles in films such as Edward Scissorhands (who knew the eyes could act more effectively than the mouth?), Ed Wood and What's Eating Gilbert Grape? Recent successes include Secret Window, Pirates of the Carribean and Chocolat. Brilliant. He is the epitome of a sex god. Almost too good for planet Earth, baby.
Johnny Depp is absolutely fucking brilliant.
by Nicki November 15, 2004
eat-able? yes. respectable? definitly. rape-able? mmmm NO!you know why??? because Johnny Depp is FAR too good for all these kids running around screaming his orgasmic name. He is a PROfessional actor and GAWD no doubt about that...but sometimes....these little 15 year old girls get carried away with their Depptastic fantasies. Johnny Depp is more than a nice body (which is what they all care about). He is a cup of tea with jack white. He is a hot bath on a rainy day. He is....
the most AMAZING man you would be LUCKY to even dream about.
Johnny Depp OWNS!
by Elisha January 03, 2004
A celebrity, that portrayed as a pirate.
Person 1: Hey look it's Johnny Depp!

Person 2: You mean the sexy pirate?!
by Santiagox3 February 21, 2012
Everything you could ever wish for. Amazingly talented, gorgeous, can speak French, and likes children. If only there were more Johnny Depps...
Edward Scissorhands, the greatest movie of all time and my all time Depp favortite.
by Rhea Roo March 19, 2004
Super hot actor that looks great in eyeliner (or just about anything else).
I am going to kidnap Johnny Depp.
by darkdreamer July 21, 2003
A man who never ages. He's 46 but looks like a 30 year old or even younger depending on whether he's clean shaven. He's also a fuckin brilliant actor, but does not recognize it himself. He's a very humble guy, and he's a very charming and amazing guy as well. He's a great father and role-model. He's been through a lot of shit in his life, but he has never fallen down. Plus, all his movies are amaaazing!! He's one of the most versatile actors out there. He really deserves the title of "Greatest Actor on the Face of the Earth." He also respects women very much, which is a reaaaallly gooood thingg. =)
You know, Johnny Depp is the one guy I can REALLY respect. He's just awesome. I really feel like watching Sleepy Hollow or Finding Neverland right now....
by lsd and cupcakes lol March 27, 2009
One of the best actors out now. I pretty much grew up watching his films. Unfortunately, he has alot of dipshit fans (mostly female) who actually think they have a chance of luring him to their beds.
Johnny Depp should be embarrassed over having these dumbass teeny-bopper fans.
by Kyle March 20, 2005
When your giving a guy a blowjob and he comes in your mouth with no warning. You've just been Johnny Depped.
I was sucking my boyfriends dick when he was mad at me and that fucker Johnny Depped me!!
by ASJAR April 09, 2014

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