The closest thing to a perfect human being. He is so beautiful, both in the flesh and in the roles he portrays. As well as being ridiculously attractive, he is an incredible actor, underappreciated by new generations of fans for his roles in films such as Edward Scissorhands (who knew the eyes could act more effectively than the mouth?), Ed Wood and What's Eating Gilbert Grape? Recent successes include Secret Window, Pirates of the Carribean and Chocolat. Brilliant. He is the epitome of a sex god. Almost too good for planet Earth, baby.
Johnny Depp is absolutely fucking brilliant.
by Nicki November 15, 2004
The sexiest man in the world!!
Damn that Johnny Depp is fine!
by jenzy September 13, 2005
He's a great actor! very talented! he has an amazing voice -
I cant stop drooling everytime I listen to it. Dont ask me! why! I dont know... Maybe I have some form of rabbies
by elena May 16, 2004
Omg....words can not describe the sexiness of this man! He is amazingly fine and the best actor EVER to be seen!!!! He's soooo gorgeous and has amazing talent. Sooooo do-able. I LOVE HIM. Voted Sexiest Man Alive TWICE! How can you argue that this man is not the definition of Breathtaking. He could have my hand in marriage any time.
Yes, Johnny Depp, of course i'll marry you!!!!
by Elle March 25, 2005
bestsest actor ever and the hottest guy in the eternity of space
johnny depp made that movie good
by rhiannon February 05, 2005
Let's all look aside from his good looks for a minute, he's an amazing actor. Great in Blow, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Edward Scissorhands.
"We had two bags of grass, seventy-five pellets of mescaline, five sheets of high-powered blotter acid, a saltshaker half-full of cocaine, and a whole galaxy of uppers, downers, laughers, screamers... "
Depp in Fear and Loathing
by Bridget (imakickassninja) March 16, 2004
An absolutely amazing actor. He goes above and beyond expectations and makes him possibly the most incredible actor out there. Not to mention he's sexy as hell. But he also knows what's right and what's wrong, and in his characters, he brings out the quirks and crazy traits and makes us feel like we should respect our own, and not make fun of others'. Go Johnny!!! (Plus, he's pretty modest. :) )
"I'm not 'Blockbuster Boy.' I never wanted
to be. I wasn't looking for that." -Johnny Depp
by Lilleth January 15, 2004
Johnny Depp has the morphing ability of a chameleon. He has proven himself a master of inventing and perfecting the characters that he seeks to portray. He can immerse himself into the mentality and physicality of each one. His astonishing creations are so different from each other that it is a miracle to watch him. His body language, such as the flickering of his fingers to the sway of his head, makes himself a magnet to the eyes of the viewer. The high-pitched and low-pitched sounds of his voice fluctuate from character to character. The entertainment and awe is boundless when you watch Johnny Depp on-screen. Depp takes the character on paper and makes it into something magical and unique.

He’s not one of those actors that just says his lines to get a paycheck. Depp actually cares about his performance and how that fits with his interpretation of the character. Unlike many Hollywood actors today, Johnny Depp isn’t afraid to take chances. If he feels passionately about something, he’ll see to it that it happens. Others maybe great moviestars, but Johnny Depp is a great actor. He doesn’t play the same person in every role, unlike Tom Cruise types, and will therefore never be type-cast. Depp isn’t just another pretty face. He’s got talent, charisma, and a transforming ability that will have him remembered forever.

Depp doesn’t hang around the same Hollywood crowd as most. He likes to stay out of the spotlight and not showcase his life for everyone to see. This gives off the impression that he is honest and true. He seems very kind and especially loving toward his children. People like that about him.

Johnny Depp has a vast talent that reaches beyond the skies. I anticipate every picture he makes because I am sure to be taken into the world of a character entirely new and exciting.
Example Films

Edward Scissorhands is a remarkably funny and fantasy-filled tale of the a man with scissors for hands. The film was a major turn for Johnny Depp. At that time, he had done nothing like it. He did superb physical acting considering that his character had very few lines but was the focus of the film throughout the movie. The sorrow and isolation that Edward felt could be very relatable. Johnny made him vulnerable rather than frightening.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl / Dead Man’s Chest
Not only are the stories adventurous and action-filled, Johnny Depp gives a wildly wonderful performance as Captain Jack Sparrow. He’s absolutely amazing. He didn’t care how people would respond to his drunken/gay/swaggering portrayal. He just did what he thought suited the character. The plot is exciting and imaginative and the supporting cast was amazing as well.

Secret Window
This film is surprising and not your usual psychological thriller/horror flick. Johnny Depp has the ability to even watch a man napping interesting. His goofy, messy, tormented writer Mort Rainey was brilliantly crafted to suit the story perfectly. It was another different role for him. Although Mort wasn’t the most honorable man, (killing his wife and lover and all), Depp made the character lovable. (to me at least).

Sleepy Hollow
This film was another Tim Burton/ Johnny Depp collaboration. A collaboration that is again very unique and eye-catching. Johnny Depp shows that he can take chances and not care about the way he comes off. He played Ichabod Crane rather feminine and with lots of confidence in his abilities as an inspector. The film also had a very intriguing plot, an amazing set design, and a feeling of mystery and horror.
Johnny Depp continues to amaze.
by Elizabeth Jaeleigh July 22, 2006

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