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When Twins are in love with one another and/ or like to perform sexuall activities together.
Benji and Joel are in alot of Twincest fics.
by Rhiannon December 08, 2003
bestsest actor ever and the hottest guy in the eternity of space
johnny depp made that movie good
by rhiannon February 05, 2005
Anyone who is , or could be mistaken for a cheerleader. Habits include sleeping with entire football teams. See also : Giddy bitch
no pom poms...but im still willing to bet shes a cheerwhore...
by Rhiannon December 01, 2003
Any teeny bopper , preppy , stupid female. Usually found wearing Roxy and Hurley clothing , carrying pom poms.
uh oh , here come a gang of giddy bitches.....everyone bow to the Roxy squad!
by Rhiannon December 01, 2003
best buddy in the world!and the biggest sex god in the world!
and wen u need 2 be held his there!
Daniel OGILVY Tunstall
by rhiannon March 08, 2004
I no every1 h8s charvas n so do i but i av a really good mate who weres some ov the charva stuff but she is sooooooo nice, and i no alot ov charvas complain that other people dont like them but its because most charvas are horrible 2 every1, and charvas say we dont like them coz they dont like us. Yer but U stated it!
Who cares what u look or dress lyk?!?!
by Rhiannon March 16, 2005
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