by rhiannon January 05, 2005
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by nee November 25, 2003
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by Pinkerbell January 14, 2004
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One of the greatest actors of his generation, though in my opinion, THE greatest actor working today. The sheer acting ability of the man is amazing, but he is also very intelligent in his roles, is not afraid to go with his instincts or roles HE wants to portray, and has never (and would never) resort to relying on his appearance.

Five reasons he's the best
1. He's intelligent.
2. He's interesting.
3. He's very laid back and acts like a regular guy.
4. His roles are insanely diverse, and he's fantastic in every one of them.
5. He loves what he does.

Now that we've got the professionalism out of the way, Johnny Depp is also one of the most fuckable guys on the planet, and his creation of Jack Sparrow has deemed him forever a Sex God. He is sex on toast, but he's also a brilliant actor, an interesting person, and just really sweet. If you've only seen PotC: WATCH HIS OTHER FILMS! I reccomend Finding Neverland :D
Johnny Depp is an amazing actor. endd of story.
by mrs depp =] May 14, 2006
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Johnny Depp is the sexiest, most beautiful man that exists in the world today. His beautiful features can play any nationality in the world. Dark, as in a Gypsey, an extremely white California boy, "Blow", a hot Mexican, an Italian Stallion, "Donnie Brasco". I WOULD BECOME A LESBIAN IF GIRLS LOOKED AS GOOD AS HE DID, PLAYING TRANSVESTITES!!!!
Any day of the week, I would give my virginity to JOHNNY DEPP, the hottest, sexiest, most fuckable man created today, well, 40 years ago. No one gives him credit for all he's done. If he was a teen idol such as Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, or whoever the hell elce, he wouldn't be the same.
by Winonna September 19, 2003
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Amazing actor with gorgeous cheeckbones, deep dark eyes and incredible physique. A man that choses his movie roles because he finds them interesting, NEVER not ever for the money. Has a mysterious style that ANY woman *especially me would do ANYTHING in the world to witness.
gorgeous, sucessful actor, sexy
by Jennifer Lauren Depp <33 June 14, 2004
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the Best and Hottest Actor in the world i could dohim all day long!
I could do him until he can't do it anymore
by Chrissy March 22, 2004
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