verb. Spoil your pants with a pretended tremendous thing while it's actually crap. Show so much happiness about nothing that it makes you look like you're gay.
Dude! just look at that! i'm god almighty! i just succeeded in cooking an omelette!

-__-! you're johnnying that bad.....
A term used to discribe a stolen car. Mainly used in Philly.
"Yo Dave got charged for that Johnny"
by mmmargie September 23, 2007
a dirty sanitary napkin (slang from barbados)
Tom called the guy that cut him off a fuckin Johnny.
by Shareece August 07, 2006
See "Johnson(s)"
n: A generic word for almost any person, place or thing.
1: Hey, pass me that Johnny over there.
2: Let's go drink a few Jonnies tonight.
by casey flanagan September 11, 2005
A stolen car. when more then one person knows you have it you would use this term to hide from others.
" where did you leave the johnny last night?"
by maggie2215 November 09, 2006
Meaning Hashish, from cockney rhyme slang. From country/western performer Johnny Cash, which rhymes with hash, a popular colloquialism for hashish.
What are we going to do with all the cash? Smoke Johnny! And throw a bash!
by Robert L. Orvin June 22, 2006
comes from the cockney rhyming slang of High House
Hash rhymes with Cash, thus Johnny Cash was shortened to simply Johnny

History/Origin: In the Tenacious D song "Kyle Quit the Band," the lyric is "What we gonna do with all the cash? Smoke Hash!"
"Let's fuckin' smoke some johny"

"Fuckin mix the johnny and the dirty in that there spliff, son"
by pig on dirty August 08, 2006

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