(n.) A person who thinks he is amazing in every way and tries to put everyone else down when he's actually the most lonely loser on the planet.

John and Johnny are completely different. John is cool. Johnny is not.
Dude, Johnny tried to blackmail me today.

Don't worry about it, dude, Johnny's a little brainless insect.

He thinks he gets all the girls!

But he doesn't, because he's Johnny.
by huhwutwutwut September 20, 2010
a group of young Japanese men, usually adolescent, undernourished and androgynous-looking, who train under a man named Johnny Kitagawa. They are taught how to sing, dance, act, host, etc from an early age and 'debut' in a group when Johnny feels like they should, for marketing purposes. Also trained to wear outfits made with glitters and feathers; notorious for giving fanservice.
He is one of the most famous Johnnys of his generation.
That guy over there used to be a Johnny.
by kellsye December 25, 2008
A term used to define persons (male or female) within the rockabilly subculture. Characterized by some sort of animal print creepers, an obnoxiously overstated version of a pompadour. Usually found at any dive bar full of ex-skins, with a band playing that contains an upright bass and classic cars with white wall tires parked outside.

1. This fucking place is crawling with Johnnys, could someone take Hank III of the juke box please?

2. I'll have a beer please, and a PBR in a can for my Johnny friend.
by Sick of Johnnys October 08, 2007
Not Depp, Bravo, Mnemonic
He's an average Johnny.
by the wrong matriix August 09, 2008
1. The cock from Jackass
2. Rubber Johnny?
1. "I'm Johnny Kno**ille, and this is Jackass"
2. Hey, I'm not fucking you without a rubber johnny
by Cocktail Sausage November 30, 2007
A proper name tacked onto an adjective made into a surname, used to describe a person in a funny/demeaning way.
"That bag is only half zipped! Great. I'm going camping with Johnny Cut-Corners."

We can't to that. They are already doing that. We'd look like a bunch of Johnny Come-Latelys."
by Pork King January 10, 2006
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