A term frequently used in Norse mythology dating back to the age of Thrain. It was said that one could only become Johned if they were truly two Peters. The equation of 2 peters equaling a John is still highly challenged in certain academic circles.
- I was so Johned last night I became a Peter.
by 2 Peters = John September 19, 2015
tryign to cut in line by yelling out the name john like you are looking for someone but really you are jsut cutting in line
ima john my way up to the front

damn man those kids just johned the whole line
by R()$$ April 24, 2004
Johned: To get so obnoxiously drunk that you believe a man called John is spending the night with you, only to to be told the next morning after waking up with a raging erection and hang over, that there was no John and you were actually just drunk and alone.
I got so Johned last night I woke up with no money and split pooer
by The Johned John November 09, 2013
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