A word to describe a total douche. This guy is usually the one your girlfriend will cheat on you with. If she's smarter than that, then he'll be the one to coax her into it. A Johnathan drinks heavily and smokes dope 24/7. His music choice is the shittiest of rap. He wears only wife-beaters and sags his camo shorts. You do not want to be around a Johnathan.
God, that guy is such a Johnathan.

Ah, my girlfriend cheated on me with Johnathan!
by thatguychris423 August 05, 2014
The wrong fucking way to spell Jonathan
Hey, you know that guy Johnathan?
You mean Jonathan, you fucking twat?
by ThatGuyWhoKnowsStuff September 06, 2014
a spanish boy......he is usually an asshole!
why are you leaving me johnathan??, johnathan ...are you gay????, fuck you johnathan!
by chitterbug August 01, 2007
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