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The director behind classic hong kong action films such as Hard Boiled, The Killer, Bullet in the Head, Face/Off, and A Better Tomarrow.

John Woo's films revolutionised action movies and inspired other directors such as Quentin Tarantino and the Wachowski brothers with thier dramatic storylines and action scenes that showed characters using two guns at once.

He recently has been making Hollywood action movies in the US, even though most people argue that his work in hong kong was his best work.
Without John Woo there wouldn't be movies such as The Matrix or Kill Bill.
by srcx1202 August 23, 2004
The coolest mother fucker on Furcadia.
BAR NONE. The greatest there is, there was and there ever will be. BAR NONE.
by John Woo April 09, 2005
John Woo is an Irish drunk that inhabits the magical world of Furcadia in the form of a black musteline with neon green hair. This little fellow claims the soundtrack of his life to be "Pet sounds" by The Beach Boys and wishes he could have a spring fling with Tom Cruise. And gtfo ladies, he's married to Castro Woo.
John Woo: Well screw it.
John Woo: I can't get the bisquick bubbles out
John Woo: I need a blender.
by Castro Woo April 11, 2005

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