Or Mayer for short. This is another name for Douche, a guy who doesn't know a good thing when he has it. Shallow, selfish, and narcissistic. Lord, help the poor girl who wastes her time imagining this guy thinks beyond the length of Johnson, which is usually shorter than average and his prematurity matches his immaturity; as evidenced by how he would brag to world about his conquests. He should thank his lucky stars that the women, who are for numerous reasons, to good for him, don't return the favor and blast about how utterly, sexually and in all other ways, disappointing he is.

They have no respect for women
Dushe: "yeah, I like to flip it, smack it, rub it down"

The rest of the world: "yuck, that guy is a total John Mayer"
by lovely_dragon February 23, 2010
The epitome of a dickless faggot.
Man, Boy George is such a John Mayer.
by BigDickJordanB October 14, 2009
The Mayor of bad music.
John Mayer is the Mayor of bad music.
by Helioseismology November 30, 2007
Another term for jackass or dipshit
John Mayer is a jackass and a dipshit.
by Spartacus778 August 12, 2006
John Mayer is a complete square. Ironically, his first album was entitled "Room for Squares."
What a Jackass.
Stupid Girl: Dude i just love the lyrics to this new John Mayer song?!?!
Guy: What are they?
Stupid Girl: "Omg I love you. Your body is like a roller coaster! OMG weee im entering the vagina funhouse!! Sometimes i stare at you from afar!" OMG He is so thoughtful! what good lines!!
Guy: sigh..
by Lollerskater69 September 09, 2005
Dumb Cracker Cunt
My faggot acquaintances were 45 minutes late for that John Mayer Cuntshow
by Austin BJ August 03, 2010
To screw something up
To ditch, or to screw someone over
Example 1:
Alec: Ok, so we're going to meet at the bar?
Rawrie: Yes, don't John Mayer me again. I hate drinking alone.

Example 2:
I just bought us tickets to the concert. Don't John Mayer this up.
by LaBeaner April 08, 2010
John Mayer us a useless piece of shit who uses terrible music to sooth rabid monkeys in order to get the ultimate steal of nigger baby fun. John Mayer has no life and sucks dick for a living with bob saget and uses the golden wiener to penetrate himself in the arse.

Nobody likes john mayer because he is a faggot and sings like miley cyrus who sounds like a man.. only worse. He horts penis all throughout the day from different races including asians, blacks, gooks, franks, whats and steaks.

His only fan is a small asian man named Glen Macmullin.
Glen - Hey guy's isn't John Mayer the best?
Everyone else in the entire world - No.

John Mayer is gay.. yeah he is. He does 69.
by Dustin Bafuglen January 16, 2010

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