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n. a mixed drink 2 parts vodka, one part iced tea, one part lemonade

n. a golfer infamous for drinking and gambling (and playing golf)
"I'd like to order a John Daly... it's an Arnold Palmer, add vodka."

"Did you see John Daly miss that putt today? I think he's on the sauce again."
by Benji12 July 26, 2006
The alcoholic version of an Arnold Palmer, a 1/2 ice tea 1/2 lemonade drink. The John Daly is the same, with your favorite vodka poured heavy. Named after the often challenged, alcohol-loving pro golfer.
There's the waitress. What do you want to drink, an Arnold Palmer?

Nope- it's Friday, and we can leave work early- if we even go back . Let's have a John Daly or two and see if we can cop a buzz...
by amwiner22 September 04, 2009
Like an Arnold Palmer Half and Half (50% Lemonade/50% Iced Tea) but with a twist in the only John Daly Style. Booze is of course added. (Numerous wives and children as well as trips to rehab are your own option)

1 Gallon Iced Tea
1 Gallon Lemonade
1 750ml 110 Proof Vodka
1 Afternoon to Waste.
Man at bar: "My 6th wife left me, I had to take a paternity test today, my rehab sponsor dropped me, and I haven't placed in a golf tournament in years."
Barkeep: "Easy there, Scumbag. I'll fix you a John Daly."
by JebusOU May 14, 2007
Drink made up of 1/2 Sweet Tea Vodka and 1/2 Four Loko Lemonade.
Arnold Palmer's getting stale, let's kick it up a notch. Let's move to the John Daly level.
by CKeys July 14, 2011
- An Arnold Palmer with Vodka (ice tea/ lemonade and vodkay
-Invented by David Karol, circa 2005
Dayam, this John Daly is strong, but delicious!
by Eddy123456 April 04, 2011
A drink made by Arizona tea that is half iced tea, half mango. Tastes great, is a spinoff of the Arnold Palmer.
john daly
by ghettoburger August 17, 2010