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Quit your complaining, you are being a real Joffrey
by davey123 December 18, 2014
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A strong and silent guy who is funny and smart. Hates school and being told what to do. Does chin ups like they're nothing and can kick through concrete. Is sweet to girls he likes and smooth to those who he's just gonna bang.
That really strong guy Joffrey was so sweet last night. He walked me home to make sure I was safe, and was so cute going in for a goodnight kiss.
by higherRacer June 13, 2010
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A bitch ass spoiled brat who is crusty.
"He's being such a Joffrey!"
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by Crustyslut November 25, 2016
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Small,likes soccer,short,curly blondish hair, blue eyes,moms name is usually Laura or Nancy,dads name is usually is Neil or Dave.grade 7 (French immersion ) smart. Crush name is usually Sara Georgia,kayleigh, Shea or Jackie.born in October 1-20 ,best is usually called (Alex),worst enemy is usually called Laura ,Sierra, grace ,heather ,tiffiney.likes playing (scary) music and likes listening to rap music,like bounce back, jump,ect
Yo dude (Joffrey ) just scored a banger with some swazz tekkers
by Stalkukids January 22, 2017
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