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Synonyms: Squirtle, Squikachu, Joeh. The most amazing guy ever to walk the face of the planet. I could go on an on about him for hours. He will understand all your inside jokes, do awesome ninja activities with you, and just be all around excellent. He will even go so far as to dance Disco with you in matching outfits, even if he looks insane. If you EVER get lucky enough to snag a Joey, keep him around. You won't regret it.
Girl one: I have a date with Joey tonight
Girl two: OMG are you going to be ninjas?
Girl one: what else would we do?
by dancingmaniac2 March 01, 2010
The cutest pokemon by far. Also can be used to describe a guy who is absolutely perfect in every way. Can merge with pikachu to form squikachu, which is the epitome of awesomeness.
by dancingmaniac2 March 01, 2010
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