A hair style very simalar to a fauxhawk or fohawk. Instead of having the hair on the side as longer and then combing it up into the middle to form the fauxhawk, The hair in the middle is left longer and is combed straight up. The side hair is combed to the center as well, but forms the sides of the 'hawk. A much cleaner version of the fauxhawk. Named after creator.
A: Nice fauxhawk, joe
J: Its not a fauxhawk, its a joehawk
by joecacola January 31, 2005
Top Definition
A hairstyle popularized by Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. Somewhat like a mohawk but not as drastic.
only joe jonas can pull off the joehawk
#jonas brothers #joe jonas #hair #hairstyles #mohawk #hot
by lilfiftyfour August 11, 2007
A hairstyle commonly worn by CTY Res life staff, it invokes the style of hard-rock and Punk, within in a contemporary and more simplistic setting. The Joe-Hawk is often considered the pinnacle of hair styling for those who have been blessed to have seen it. It is gelled up in the front to form a peak of greatness, followed by flowing streaks of a well groomed mane.
Guy 1: Who and what was that?
Guy 2: Shoot fool that was Jack the coolest guy around rocking the Joe-Hawk.
Guy1: Awesome
#cty #ra #res life #lancaster #bree
by JoeHawk140 July 12, 2010
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