The Angel of Death, surgeon of demise, infamous butcher and rancid scienceman, mostly renowed for his work during the Hitler's Reich and his rancid scream feeding.
"Angel of death
Monarch to the kingdom of the dead
Sadistic, surgeon of demise
Sadist of the noblest blood"

- Slayer, Angel of Death (Joe)
by the Arald January 02, 2006
Washigton DC based slang term used instead of man
yo! did u see them kids they was lunchin joe!
by hrm smk April 03, 2008
someone who has a big heart. joes are always warm, and can never get enough hugs. they will go on long walks with you and talk about the future that is bound to happen. joes like their coffee white, and they will always make you a cup in the morning. they have great hair, usually a golden-brown color, and its always cute and ruffled in the morning. joes have minds like labyrinths. they are so confusing to read, but will always willingly tell you how they feel. they are super creative, and love to run around as much as they love to sit around and cuddle all day. but the best feature of joes is their taste in music. they love rock, classic rock, indie rock, pop-punk, alternative, and metalcore. joes will dance all day long with you, while singing of course, then sleep all night with you. most of the time joes will only wear hoodies and underwear while cuddling.
best friend: wait who was that? were you two kissing?
joes girl: oh, thats joe. hes mine.
best friend: you got a joe?! oh my god i want one!
by strawberryunicorns123 March 09, 2014
Joe....... Joe is amazing, awesome, sweet, lovable, caring, and my life. Joe is a very handsome man who has the biggest heart in the world. He cares and will listen to anyone, and is friends with anyone who wants to be. He's an outstanding boyfriend, that other girls wish they had. If you know a joe you have to keep him because he will be there for you no matter what. He's had a lot of events happen in his life so he sees the world different, but this must makes him special. His looks are everything a girl has ever dreamed of. He's very protective of the ones he loves and they are just as protective back. He always gives compliments no matter if you listen to them or not. He is friend with everyone, and at times this can be annoying to his special someone when he talks to other girls. He's all you can think about. He's also very childish but this just adds to his amazing personality. Joes love adventure and new places. Joes also get bored easily but are great at drawing and anything artistic. Joe is the best person out there, he's a diamond in the ruff.
Boo: You are so amazing and I'm blessed your mine
Joe: Same to you, I still wonder how u got stuck with me
by JoleyBoo February 15, 2014
Joes are of medium height, usually about 5'8" and they are really athletic. They love running. Joes hate matching their clothes, so they always look crazy. A Joe is a guy who you got drunk with one night. Stuff happened. Joe is a guy who is now dating one of your best friends and you can't tell her. Joes are very attractive and they know it, but pretend not to. They are very smart, and also competitive.
Girl 1: Hey, there's that hot guy Joe!
Girl 2: Yeah, I know, he's super gorgeous.
by Shits-And-Giggles November 19, 2013
Joe is the best person you will ever meet, he is kind and generous, and so so funny! and also very attractive If you ever get the chance to meet joe, dont let him go, he will be the best friend you will ever have. He will love you, care for you and always make you happy! Sometimes he can be a bit overpertective, and jokes alot but you love him anyway because hes amazing! Everyone loves joe<3
Joe is my bestfriend<3
by Heffa_mellon November 30, 2012
A Chicago based term as calling someone you dont know, or just dont feel like saying their name.
" " Whats good Joe " what you be about nigga? "

" Almighty BPSN 'All is well' "

" Whats poppin five FOLKS killa "
by Ambrosios August 20, 2012
joe is the boy that slightly resembles an adorable puppy. what with his big deep brown eyes and small smile that will make you melt from the cuteness. he's also hilarious, in that he makes you laugh all the time. he's got this vibe that makes you just want to give him a big hug and feel his warmth. when he's near, you can smell his scent. his scent lingers and you want that to be the only thing you smell. his lips look soft and kissable. though, you keep in mind that he is an angel that could never love you the way you love him. he's the one you want but can't have. there are so many other things to say about joe. he's so sweet and nice and lovable. he's perfect. that's one word to sum him up: perfect. he even got dose straight boys turnin' gay fo dat ass.
ryan: hey, you heard of that joe dude?
brendon: yeah, he's adorable
ryan: wait, what
brendon: i mean-...
brendon: ryro, i love you boo, it's just-.
ryan: i understand, i mean, just look at his face.
brendon: i know. *adoring sigh*
by the-name-i-wanted-was-taken December 28, 2011

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