Vice President under Obama, just one heartbeat away from running the country (God help us). AKA Joe Biteme, Joe Blowme, BFD, Drunk Joe, Crazy Joe, The Idiot-in-Chief, That Creepy Son of a Bitch On TV.

Quite probably the most colossal dipshit moron who ever held high office. Always seems drunk, has an unnatural obsession trains, is all-around creepy, quite possibly molests collies, and generally causes Obama and his other minions heartburn, stress headaches, and occasionally heart attacks every time he opens his mouth. Almost singlehandedly lost the 2012 reelection campaign, was sidelined (kept locked in a room with no windows) as much as possible.

Strong advocate of gun control, proclaims himself to be an expert on gun safety and crime, then in the same breath recommends that women recklessly discharge shotguns if they hear a noise outside (violating every principle of firearms safety).

The only reason anybody can come up with as to why he would be the vice president is because he is pretty much the best life insurance policy Obama (or anybody else for that matter) could ask for, because NOBODY wants this fuckstick in the Oval Office (see Dave Chappelle's advice to the first black president).
Joe Biden is nothing but assassination insurance.
by yt45 February 27, 2013
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The next Vice President of the United States.
Joe Biden will become the next Vice President of the United States when he and future President Barack Obama are elected into the White House.
by FirePengy August 25, 2008
The future 47th Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden is the senior United States Senator from Delaware. Since taking office in 1973, Biden has been the Chairman of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary and the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, as well as having the distinction of being the fifth-youngest senator in U.S. history.
Joe Biden and Barack Obama give Americans change we can believe in.
by Kire120 August 27, 2008
Better than Sarah Palin.
Joe Biden > Sarah Palin
by SFBoi October 10, 2008
The VP pick for democrat Barack Obama. Since his election to the Senate, he's done more for America's foreign policy than George W. Bush could ever dream of doing. He kicked Sarah Palin's ass in the VP debate, and showed he's not an emotion-less robot when he choked up talking about his family.
Mom, could you pass the Joe Biden?
by ledzep999 October 06, 2008
1. The United States Vice president-to-be.

2. Correctly pointed out that Sarah Palin is a hot piece of ass.
When the Obama conquers the republicans in upcoming elections Joe Biden will be VP.
by starky September 05, 2008
Delaware senator running for vice-president in the 2008 election on the democratic ticket under Barack Obama.
Person 1: "Joe Biden did well in the debate last night."

Person 2: "Maybe, but he's not as adorable as Sarah Palin."

Person 1: "Well, I'm glad you know what to look for in your potential leaders. God bless America."
by bigtones October 04, 2008
A verb of positive connotation implying a drastic and cathartic event has recently transpired in reference to an object. Also: appealingly destructive fornication; euphoric victory; assuming the role of dominant/alpha-male.
1: So how'd you do on that calculus midterm?
2: I just JoeBiden'd every one of my classmates AND that midterm.
1: You.. w-what?

2: In EVERY sense of the word.

1: I think I just became a woman.
2: You're welcome.
by ThomBootyJefferson January 30, 2014

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