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The reason no one has made a serious, concerted effort to assassinate President Barack Obama.
Anarchist One: Hey man, you wanna go kill Barack Obama, the President of the United States, create some real chaos?

Anarchist Two: Hell no! Then we'd be left with Joe Biden as President!
by TheRealRobMonty November 06, 2011
143 480
Barack Obama's VP pick. Practically his whole family is dead, known to have a love/hate relationship with McCain, also known to hate his supporters. Rumored to have banged Sarah Palin and rapper Clifford "T.I." Harris. In T.I.'s song, Whatever you like, the claims he needs Joe Biden.
T.I.: I want Joe Biden, Need Joe Biden, as long as you have me you want need nobody, you want it, I got it, go get it, go buy it, tell that other grown nigga to be quiet. (Referring to Obama, supposedly.)
by Day Man October 13, 2008
185 522
Vice President under President Obama, Biden is a train enthusiast who spends much of his time digging (by hand) underground train tunnels which he uses as his own personal playgrounds.
Joe Biden Fucking loves trains.
by Red Kayak June 18, 2012
20 358
The act of visiting someone else's home, going number two in their bathroom and not flushing.
My second cousin Glenn from Albequerque visited last week and Joe Bidened me big time. The place stunk fro a day and a half.
by Captain Merrill Stubing February 28, 2012
44 382

the most ignored aspect of the 2008 presidential race.
Obama: How are you today, Joe?

Joe Biden: Experienced, white, and generally inoffensive, sir.

Obama: Wonderful.
by CheckMinusOG November 02, 2008
197 535