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The dopest R&B group that consists of two sets of brothers DeVante and Dalvin and K-Ci and JoJo.
Love you for life by JoDeCi is my wedding song!
by FlyAway July 18, 2011
87 8
She thinks she's fat when really, she's not. She's really pretty and a lot of guys like her even though she might not think so. She's my bestfriend and hopefully always will be. She's fun to hangout with even though she can be a bitch(; She's extremely funny and perverted at times(: She could get like any guy she wanted to, even the ones with a girlfriend. She's extremely trustworthy. I love herr<33 My shitbuddy forever&always<3
Jodeci <33
by iloveyoujodeciiii<3 June 24, 2011
68 31