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Johnston County NC
I know some people from JoCo, they drink beer out of cans, drive pick-up trucks and know how to line dance like nobody's business. Some would go too far and say all JoCo is Redneck, it isn't.
by ANDREWtheGREAT:) July 10, 2008
Jonathan Coulton, singer and songwriter extraordinaire. Best known for 'Still Alive', from Portal, and a remake of 'Baby Got Back' by Sir Mix-a-lot. Currently, he has written and sung over 100 songs.
Dude, did you hear that sweet JoCo song? I laughed my ass off!
by JoCo fan February 17, 2009
Short for "jerk off coma" which is the nap many men take after busting their load.
Sorry I was late, bro...I was looking at porn and, soon enough, slipped into a JoCo.
by TheMichaelZ April 04, 2011
An abbreviation of a name. Commonly used in reference to the infamous DJ Joanna C. AKA. JoCo. JoCo embarked on her djing career in 2009 and has already received rave reviews for her dj set, ''Propa Naught'' in the Button Factory on Thursday nights.
You heading to see JoCo tonight lawdz?
She's fuckinfg unreal.
by JoCo Propa Naughty April 25, 2009
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