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A humiliating nickname for a bad quiz host. Especially a pompous, fat, bald blowhard who thinks he's king shit, but doesn't know that Scotland is a country.
Is that Quizmaster Chris?
Jizzmaster Piss, more like.
by BlizzmasterPilch June 27, 2010
a person who jerks off so much and gets his jizz so far and so accurate that he can hit a 3-inch diameter target from 50 feet away.
...a person who gets so much pussy and or asshole and or mouth that they are the master at jizzing. They do it perfectly...everything
Jessica: wow! Smitty is such a jizz master!!! He hit me from accross the room!
Ally: yea...i know, he hit me with the same shot, and we were 5 feet apart from each other
by Little Gords March 14, 2007
One who is known for mastering the art of the swallow. This can be either a female or a male.

See jizz
"Shit, Pat, how many times have you had your stomach pumped this week? Fucking jizzmaster."
by Ethan August 31, 2003
someone who takes great delight in ejaculating his semen in urban areas such as built up towns/cities
Steve Giller was a jizz master because he spread his load in alot of places.
by Stu January 06, 2004
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