1. A retarded fagot; someone who you don't give a rats ass about.

2. Some stupid prick who has a terrible case of acne; in which the acne is so bad it appears that person must have rubbed Crisco all over his face 36 hours before, smoked a pile of pubes, rubbed his face on his calico cats gooch, and given himself a "Dirty Sanchez" while laying in a bubble bath with the lights low, Kenny G. playing, rose pedals everywhere, and a bottle of sparkling grape juice instead of Chardonnay.

3. Someone who gets real drunk, goes home all alone because he couldn't get any one to come home with, at the local club/bar. Shaves his left leg (user preference) and pleasures him self a "Hello Stranger" to think he is getting a hand job from a female.
1. What a freeken "Jizz Face"!
My freeken art teacher's mom is such a "Jizz Face"

2. Dab Nabbit, I just want to get a paring knife and slice off all that acne off hos "Jizz Face".
You look just like your father when he was your age, accept he didn't have such a "Jizz Face".

3. I saw that dude at the club through his apartment window last night; he was on his bed w/ his leg shaved giving himself a "Hello Stranger"
by ChrisThePiss February 24, 2008
Top Definition
the facial expression that a person has before taking a man's wad in the face.
damn that hoe made the ugliest jizzface before i unloaded in her eye!
by quachified August 22, 2005
An insult used in the cafeteria when one person eats pizza with ranch and gets ranch on their face.
Student 1: Man do you know how to eat?
Student 2: What you talking about?
Student 3: What a Jizzface!!!
Student 2: Ughhh!!!
by Nicklou November 07, 2010
A facial expression that mirrors that of a male that has just ejaculated. The expression will undoubtedly be one of simultaneous euphoria and relief.
They should've picked a different cover for that magazine because that dude was sporting his jizz face.
by word2k9 July 11, 2009
(n.) An insulting name, especially used when object has committed an obnoxious or annoying act
The professor assigned way too much homework this week. He's such a jizzface.
by tobeornot2be February 02, 2010
When a man jizzes he pulls a face, one eye closed the other looking up as much as it can with a clown moulth.
when wrieff jizzed he pulled his jizz face it was so funny
by hypnonewt December 07, 2007
The 'Jizz Face' originated from Boise, ID because of all the ecstasy that was going around that kids got tired of the 'Thizz Face'.
The Jizz Face is the face you make when you jizz, cum, semen, semenate, white stuff all over the place. It doesn't matter if it's from your hand, oral sex, anal sex or any type of fellatio. Anyone can do it.
Fuck The Thizz Face. It's The Jizz Face.

Jizz Or Die!!!

Guy1: What Are You Doing?!
Guy2: It's The JIZZ FACE!!!!!
by Blackus Maximus July 17, 2011
a man who makes girls take it in the face
hey gez, i hear ur a right jizzface. did you plaster her face again?
by awezomeman1 January 14, 2007
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