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A name deemed for either a male or female, usually used over the internet.

A person with this name stands out from others and attracts people to them by just acting as themselves; this often brings hatred towards them from jealous people. Often kind-hearted people, until you use their benevolence as a weakness to hurt them. I warn you now. Do not anger a Gez, it will only be your downfall.

A female Gez is known to have many random bouts of insanity and crying, usually creating an area of pandemonium around her. You know you have spotted the female type of Gez when you see one sobbing in a corner. My advice would be to approach it with caution as it may bite when startled.
"Gez sits in a corner and randomly bursts into tears."
by kaisui December 19, 2004
Uber cool person on the internet that just better than you in every way. He makes small children cry.
Uber cool person on the internet that just better than you in every way.
by Gez September 24, 2004
1. when you shop at a dollar store for a gift for your girlfriend.

2. when you bend over for cool kids on the internet.

Gez can also be known as a gezci
Person1: Dude its kevin's birthday i have to get him something!!!
Person2: Just GeZ it brah.
Person1: D D!!!!

Person1: Dude lets go play counter strike
Person2: Sorry dude my guild leader wants me to raid Karazhan
Person1: fuck man stop gezzin it
by Tipsythegza October 17, 2008
A MOTHER FUCKIN FAGGOT who thinks he is cooler than everyone else bur really isnt!
YO! Gez is an asshole
by Blah blah blah March 07, 2005
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