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Greek hero from Homer's Illiad and Odyssey. He was a very smart and cunning king (king of Ithica) who came up with the idea of the 'Trojan Horse' to win the war for the Greeks. It took Ulysses 10 years to find his way home after the war. The Illiad and especially the Odyssey are two of the greatest stories ever told.

Usually refers to someone who is very cunning.
He is as cunning as Ulysses.
by hahahahahahahahahaha January 15, 2008
You cannot change what you are.

Very strong sense of identity and pride. Sense of belonging to something great. Passion.

Being born Greek is a blessing. No Greek would want to be anything else. Ever.

(Unlike many other cultures who convert to Judaism or whatever, you will never hear of a Greek converting to anything else. But you will see many people, including Jews, wishing they were Greek).
Tasso is "Greek for life". He was born Greek, he will die Greek.
by hahahahahahahahahaha January 15, 2008
Is the supreme gang bang your girlfriend will never forget. Forget the nigga bang and the "once you go black, you never go back" bullshit. WHEN YOU GO GREEK, you don't walk for a week"!
And you thought your girlfriend was in bed with a sprained ankle. Your precious little angel got ruined by a 'greek gang bang' at Spiro's house last week.
by hahahahahahahahahaha January 14, 2008
Greek slang. Means dirty, foul smelling. Usually refers to an easy, skanky chick.
So, what up? Did you hook up with that 'vroma' from yesterday night at the club.
by hahahahahahahahahaha January 14, 2008
A sporting event in which the object of the game is to get "the quarter back".
I lost at Jewish Football...
by hahahahahahahahahaha January 14, 2008
Expression from Marseille. Basically it is "putain" with an Arab pronunciation and accent.

When you spot a hot bitch walking down the street.

Refers to hot, easy, sexy girls.
Oh, putaing!

There was a lot of putaing at the club yesterday. The place was crawling with putaing.

by hahahahahahahahahaha January 14, 2008
Refers to a pimple-faced guy with bad skin who is so ugly, he looks like he's been jizzed on.
What's up jizzface? Did a grenade explode in your face or were you just born that way?
by hahahahahahahahahaha January 14, 2008
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