Refers to a pimple-faced guy with bad skin who is so ugly, he looks like he's been jizzed on.
What's up jizzface? Did a grenade explode in your face or were you just born that way?
by hahahahahahahahahaha January 14, 2008
1) a weird face with a tiny smrik/smile and taunting eyes starring at u, like they just jizz
roshan's jizz face looked like a homo
by niki August 27, 2003
1. A retarded fagot; someone who you don't give a rats ass about.

2. Some stupid prick who has a terrible case of acne; in which the acne is so bad it appears that person must have rubbed Crisco all over his face 36 hours before, smoked a pile of pubes, rubbed his face on his calico cats gooch, and given himself a "Dirty Sanchez" while laying in a bubble bath with the lights low, Kenny G. playing, rose pedals everywhere, and a bottle of sparkling grape juice instead of Chardonnay.

3. Someone who gets real drunk, goes home all alone because he couldn't get any one to come home with, at the local club/bar. Shaves his left leg (user preference) and pleasures him self a "Hello Stranger" to think he is getting a hand job from a female.
1. What a freeken "Jizz Face"!
My freeken art teacher's mom is such a "Jizz Face"

2. Dab Nabbit, I just want to get a paring knife and slice off all that acne off hos "Jizz Face".
You look just like your father when he was your age, accept he didn't have such a "Jizz Face".

3. I saw that dude at the club through his apartment window last night; he was on his bed w/ his leg shaved giving himself a "Hello Stranger"
by ChrisThePiss February 24, 2008
A term given to a person who tends to give oral sex to a man. Comes from the slang term for semen, Jizz, and how it tends to end up all over the person's face
by Fatass July 20, 2003
"a grl w/ a sturdy chin, doin the thizz face"

aka a grl w/ a dome-able face.
thugII: "tru"
by lukash October 16, 2006
any person who believes they are better than everyone else and sucks off members in command.
Jack is a jizz face.
by sanchez February 12, 2005
Whites, inbreds, crackers; they're so pale their skin color looks like it's completely covered in jizz
Look at that fat-ass jizzface and her inbred family.
by didshaTpRlemf March 13, 2011

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