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Currency. Whether it be pounds, dollars, euros or any other currency. Jizzers is the universal and ultimate denomination for your monetary needs.
Hey man can I borrow 20 jizzers
by Jack-Dog Millionaire June 25, 2010
a penis, a male reproductive organr responsible for the act of jizzing.

Did you mean to jizz on my roomate with your jizzer
by eskj September 11, 2006
One pisses in the pisser and shits in the shitter. Likewise, one jizzes in the jizzer.
Damn, I haven't had sex all week! Now I just gotta get me to the nearest jizzer.
by Slow Baby October 22, 2011
What happens when a girl gets excited
oh my god you just jizzered in your thong
by simon chandler September 22, 2004
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