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(The Official Hendrickson Version of the term Jix (Jixed/Jixing/etc) 2008-2009)

Jixed (jikst), adj., 1. to be on the recieving end of an act of or pertaining to Tom Foolery. 2. to become psyched out, etc. Also jix, jix-er, jix-ing. Origin: The suzuki G-SXR. ( Est. 2008-2009 by Davey and Egemonye)
"Hey you didn't tell me we had a test today when I asked - you jixed me!"

"I totally jixed that guy on the basketball court. I cut left and he fell down."

"He lied to me! That little Jixer!"

"We tee-pee'd his house good...Jixed."
by H-manJxR March 11, 2009

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