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1. One who embellishes the art of growing out a Jew fro, but without warning or reason, chops it all off despite the love and attraction it granted the barer.
2. One with a keen sense of majestic powers, (see dark magic dweller) where the warlock or enlightened one often has huge eyes and wears colorful pants in public places, often coupled with a cape, russian hat, or tutu.

Note: The term Jireh is used uniformly with the terms "Hathaway" and "Swift"
"I love your hair man, but why'd you cut it off? That was so jireh of you." (Adjective use)

You have huge eyes. You wear colorful pants, and I know at some point I've seen you with a cape. You are a jireh. (Noun usage)

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by ...writen by ener March 22, 2009
Jireh Monimus Sivilus Swift (1500-1501)
-A strange occurrence of the Renaissance in which a baby with the name above was born without fingernails, a butthole, or a suitable bladder for the human body. Born on the Marxic Equinox, the baby was thought to be "a weenie of Satan," which would today translate to "work of the Devil." This abomination of mammals was feasted upon by England's inhabitants to gain "supernatural powers," but ended up only passing down his devilish characteristics. In modern times, historians have found evidence that Jireh Monimus Sivilus Swift was actually a large potato that happened to be in a uterus, and was obviously mistaken for a child. This is how the term, "potato eater" was coined for poor peasants throughout history.
OH... you need to pee ALL the time, I bet your family ate Jireh Monimus Sivilus Swift.

"You know, that potato i served for dinner could be Jireh Monimus Sivilus Swift"-Dad
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by A FUCKING LIMA BEAN March 23, 2009
Jirehs are a rare and endangered breed of the mexican race. They are short, and have gigantic boobies. Often the black sheep of the crowd. Mistaken for a whore, Jirehs are actually religious and/or have good morale. At least, in public that is. In private, Jirehs are the most wild of mexicans you can ever imagine.
1. Guy: Yo dawg, look at them Jireh's over there

Man: daaammnnnn!!!!!!!

2. Guy: Aw shit, last night, my Jireh attacked me like a hyena

Man: daaammnnnn!!!!!!!
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by the_omnipotent_lollertron February 19, 2011
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