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(m) The asian underling (chink) of a jewish (jew) fund manager. Typically an analyst, associate, or principal of any public or private equity firm working for a Managing Director. Hired for their excessive education and ability to use an abacus. Jinks can be male or female, but females are often referred to as "Jragons" or "Janks".

They are easily identifiable because they never make decisions, type or scribble illegible notes at a feverish pace, have a rash around their neck caused by the constant yanking of their leash by their Jew master, and have bad oral hygiene.

Jinks speak softly and often incomprehensibly because they get scooped up quickly by mobs of bagel eaters before their english skills develop.
Jerome: "Well it is very nice to meet you Richard. Your company sounds like a very unique approach to the problem of the recent menorah shortage."
Richard(CEO): "That's great. What are the next steps for your investment decision?"
Jerome: "First I'd like you introduce you to Chong Peng. He's my Jink and will spend the next few days with you to drill down on your financial models and assumptions"
Chong: "I rike youl companry troo. A vely ureek stlategly"
Jerome: "Now please excuse me as tomorrow is a holiday and I need to get to the Hamptons. You're in good hands with my Jink".
by SL500 October 15, 2010
8 25
It's money.
Hey, got some jink to spare?
by Dennis April 10, 2003
78 29
planar currency. anything shiny that can be used for trade to purchase bigger, cooler objects.
"OI! that bugga stole me jink!"
by d*g1t January 24, 2003
59 30
Is what you say, when you and at least one other person, simultaneously, say the same word(s). If you are first to say jinks, you are in effect the jinks master, and the person who uttered the same word(s) and who is now jinksed, cannot speak, until someone says their name in full. Utterring words while jinksed however, will result in double jinks, triple jinks and so on and so forth, for each additional word spoken.
Trudy and Rebecca: The chocolate one please
Trudy: JINKS!
Rebecca: Huh!?
Trudy: double jinks!
Cecile: Rebecca Smith
Rebecca: Phewww, thanks cecile
by yoyoyoyourmama July 26, 2006
55 36
Another term for "Shit" or "Stuff"

Interchangeable with "Jawn"
What's with this random jink on my floor?
by jinkmeister September 07, 2012
5 2
When one jerks off into the sink
Brother: "Hey are you done washing your hands yet I need to poop?"
You: "No give me a few more minutes I'm using the jink so you might want to clean it when I leave"
by AndTheDeadWillRise February 08, 2010
13 13
To exude swag.

To be so great that failure is never an option

To be better then the best.

To be so the flyest

To go the hardest without trying

Something money cannot buy you must be born with it.

To be so popping even if someone tried to hate they couldn't

Better than swag you are born with Jink it cannot be learned
Guy: I went to this girl and got her number without even asking

Friend: How???

Guy: Im Jink'n

Girl: What that fragrance your wearing

Guy: Oh me thats no cologne thats Jink

Girl: OMG I want some...
by Tenacious1906 May 25, 2011
5 9
Junk at the bottom of the sink.
"Cleaning the jink out of the sink is totally a seperate job from dishwashing!"
by JustBe (Benny) January 24, 2009
2 6