Junk at the bottom of the sink.
"Cleaning the jink out of the sink is totally a seperate job from dishwashing!"
by JustBe (Benny) January 24, 2009
to take a shit.
"that's a really long jink in the toilet"
"OMG, that shit is mad long!!!!"
by uncle tav February 02, 2008
To turn into junk; To make something that was once good no longer good.
person 1:Hey, man, what happened to my car?
person 2: oh, sorry, i just jinked it while taking it for a spin.
by xpdr October 17, 2010
A slang word, usually used demeaningly towards a perosn of Japanese descent. Similar to Chink, it is considered a racial insult.
"That bastard called me a Jink today."
by Danty December 29, 2007
jink, jinkatating, jinking

a word with many definitions. it is a word to describe something that is out of control awesome. something that describes the best event ever. a word to explain only the most pleasurable experiences.
last night me and my girlfriend ad sex. it was jink.

that trick(snowboarding) was jink.

dude that jump was so jink.

Nothing could have been more jinkalating than watching Saved by the Bell last night.
by J.F.M.H January 17, 2006
To exude swag.

To be so great that failure is never an option

To be better then the best.

To be so the flyest

To go the hardest without trying

Something money cannot buy you must be born with it.

To be so popping even if someone tried to hate they couldn't

Better than swag you are born with Jink it cannot be learned
Guy: I went to this girl and got her number without even asking

Friend: How???

Guy: Im Jink'n

Girl: What that fragrance your wearing

Guy: Oh me thats no cologne thats Jink

Girl: OMG I want some...
by Tenacious1906 May 25, 2011
a racial japanese slur
hey man i called up tech support and a jink just fixed my computer
by masta charske June 15, 2009

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