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a racial japanese slur
hey man i called up tech support and a jink just fixed my computer
by masta charske June 15, 2009
Racial term for Japanese people

(Like "chinks" for Chinese people)
We lost to those Jinks!!!!!!
by MorgieVal July 22, 2011
A slang term for a mans penis.
My jink is extreamly huge.
by sparkeyben April 20, 2006
1) A term for the child of a Jewish-East Asian mating, based on "Jew" and "dink" (where "dink" refers to the racial epithet that was semi-popular for racist purposes circa the Vietnam era). However, whether this term is perceived as a racist insult, or merely a lively description, varies depending on context, intent, etc.

2) An exceptionally cheap, tightwad Asian. So termed for the disparaging association with stereotypical Jewish fiscal behavior, coupled with the previously mentioned "dink".
1) Did you see that Jink girl they call Yo-yo last night? She was smokin! I love those interracial honeys!

2) Did you see the way ol' Mr. Nguyen jewed 'em down on that coffee table at the flea market? Tony's dad is such a fuckin' Jink!!
by FunkyBumpkin April 28, 2005
(m) The asian underling (chink) of a jewish (jew) fund manager. Typically an analyst, associate, or principal of any public or private equity firm working for a Managing Director. Hired for their excessive education and ability to use an abacus. Jinks can be male or female, but females are often referred to as "Jragons" or "Janks".

They are easily identifiable because they never make decisions, type or scribble illegible notes at a feverish pace, have a rash around their neck caused by the constant yanking of their leash by their Jew master, and have bad oral hygiene.

Jinks speak softly and often incomprehensibly because they get scooped up quickly by mobs of bagel eaters before their english skills develop.
Jerome: "Well it is very nice to meet you Richard. Your company sounds like a very unique approach to the problem of the recent menorah shortage."
Richard(CEO): "That's great. What are the next steps for your investment decision?"
Jerome: "First I'd like you introduce you to Chong Peng. He's my Jink and will spend the next few days with you to drill down on your financial models and assumptions"
Chong: "I rike youl companry troo. A vely ureek stlategly"
Jerome: "Now please excuse me as tomorrow is a holiday and I need to get to the Hamptons. You're in good hands with my Jink".
by SL500 October 15, 2010