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The language made when a person learning Japanese puts in english words when they don't know the vocbulary.
1. kyou, kaimono de -clothes- wo kaimashita
(Today, I bought -clothes- at the shop.)

2. Jimmy doesn't know the words for the activities he did on holidays, so he's writing his holiday recount in jinglish.
by Kireshai January 12, 2007
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Is a type language that is spoken by a Chinese person that lives in Australia. Is not as good as English, but better than Chinglish. Often spoken by people with the name Jin.
Jin speaks jinglish.
by ricy_12 August 14, 2008
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The language my hubby (with the initial J)speaks when he is incredibly drunk.
"Abububjlle!" he said in Jinglish as he raised another pint.
by Janetink April 29, 2008
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