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1. A state a woman may find herself in after having unprotected sex with a man. Involves a child growing within her body and can be discovered by the absence of menstruation. May cause illness.

2. Bloated, held out, prolonged.

I'd also like to say something to all the men out there who think that getting a girl pregnant is a death sentence!
Being pregnant is a wonderful and painful experience that you'll never have, so just shut the hell up about your selfish views. Women don't trap men by getting pregnant. It's not their choice!
1. Jenny: It's been two months since my last period!
Katy: Oh no! Have you and your man had unprotected sex recently?
Jenny: Yeah, a month and a half ago.
Katy: Oh my god, Jenny, you have got to be pregnant.

2. After making his abrupt statement, Jake hung his head wearily. Neither of the boys spoke, and a pregnant silence filled the small room.
by Kireshai May 19, 2007
The language made when a person learning Japanese puts in english words when they don't know the vocbulary.
1. kyou, kaimono de -clothes- wo kaimashita
(Today, I bought -clothes- at the shop.)

2. Jimmy doesn't know the words for the activities he did on holidays, so he's writing his holiday recount in jinglish.
by Kireshai January 12, 2007
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