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Indian name based on Lord Vishnu.
Also means kind, loving, good natured and intelligent.
Jinal is a very intelligent and well respected girl.
by fluttery mind February 03, 2010
jinal is a person who is very sexy, and everyone wants to have sex with. she makes the boys go crazy. she gives them massive boners.
yummy jinal
by sexy in my eyes July 01, 2009
This is a man who means business. If you see him walking down the street in his fly business suit or his sweatpants and DECA sweatshirt, he means business. Business is money, money is power, well Jinal defines all of them.

Fear him, run from him, want to be him, fear him, be scurrred of him.
Jinal? That kid goes to my school, and he means business. Like legit business, yo!
by Mr. Majoono Bottom October 08, 2013
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