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The act of punching a member of the opposite sex in the face.
"She was all up in my grill, so i jimmyed her right in the mouth!"

"He got arrested for Jimmying his wife"
by Kingspaceface March 07, 2012
Scurrying around in a panicked manner to accomplish things, however it often leads to the exact opposite or things being broken.
I was jimmying around to clean the room but ended up breaking everyting
by jimmeyder November 08, 2014
When a OAP goes into there local place of shopping and malests with teenage girls to make him self feel good can be done of a act of desperation

word most used in Charles Read High School South Witham UK
Matt Loves to go jimmying
by theUltimateDictonarymake December 10, 2013
jimmying - jim-ee-ing
jimmied / jimmed
adjective (adj)

The act of exploiting the lower teams on the czaustralia ladder in order to amass enormous statistics whilst not actually being very good at the game.
I jimmied my way to the top of that statistics on czaustralia, when i reached the top, I asked to join xl.
After doing all that jimmying, I wonder why atomic said no?
by CZAustralia August 19, 2007
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