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To fix something regardless of how it looks or how long it lasts. Using any materials that are available to you in a creative way to make something work.
Using rubber bands to hold your steering wheel in place, because you lost the bolts that are supposed to hold it.
by Vlad Roussakov June 08, 2004
When three men work together in a cooperative sexual act where two men create a common hand-vagina (referred to as the "rig") and allow the third man (referred to as the "Jimmy") to insert his penis into their co-created hand-vagina.

In some cases, the hand vagina can be fucked by one of the two participating hand-vagina creators.

In a third (untested case), the two hand-vagina creators can alternate fucking the hand-vagina in a rhythmic and sexual motion.

In certain environments, such as the Ménage à trois you can encounter the rare and unseen co-ed Jennyrig; the co-ed Jennyrig is when two women co-create the hand-vagina and the man inserts his penis into the women's hands, eventually climaxing (hopefully).
Carl and Jeff made me the best jimmyrig for my birthday!

I haven't had a tighter jimmyrig in 30 years.

I "jimmyrigged" with my buddies, Dave and Matt last night. Luckily, I wasn't part of the rig.

Jerry taught his sons the meaning of sex by "jimmyrigging" them last night.
by DJRawDawg May 01, 2011
More intense version of jury rig. A jury-rigged device will probably work, but be careful; a jimmy-rigged device will probably NOT, but oh well.
"The car broke down? Well... I'm not surprised. I kinda had it jimmy-rigged."
by rizz to the slizz April 25, 2005
The use of jimmy johns' stickers to repair anything
I jimmy rigged the drain hose last night to stop it from leaking
by slogivon January 04, 2011

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