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When you're getting it on with a girl and she all of the sudden dries up, you have to quickly eat her out for awhile to get her wet again before you lose your hard on.
When she dried up during sex, I had to give her a jiffy lube to keep it going.
by bigs October 29, 2006
12 27
hand job
dude 1: Jessica's a total slut. Did you fuck her last night?

dude 2: No she just gave me a jiffy lube.

dude 1: You fucking suck dude.

dude 2: Eat a dick.
by thewhiteshadow April 07, 2009
47 20
When you put peanut butter, preferably Jiffy, in a girl's vagina and then bang her hard.
Dude last night I gave this girl a nice oil change.

Really? You gave her the good old Jiffy Lube huh?

Oh yeah. it was sweet.
by Little Deb Deb December 13, 2010
27 9
When a female while performing a handjob, takes out a container of mustard, squirts it on the penis, and begins to jerk it.
1. "Man, it got so raunchy last night with Heather, she even gave me a jiffy lube.

2. Q. "How far did you go with Grace last night bromontana?"

A. "You won't believe it but she gave me a jiffy lube when we got back to my house."
by BrendoBot August 01, 2010
25 15
the worst possible facility on earth
i got totally fucked over at jiffy lube.
by Laurie7s March 31, 2006
41 37
To masterbate with car oil.
Jessie had to relax so he jiffylubed it.
by Jay April 06, 2005
9 13
When two guys are having butt sex and the guy on the receiving end takes a shit.
Jim: What the hell IS that?
John: Just giving us a jiffy lube.
Jim: Oh. OK then.
by OminousT May 28, 2009
17 27
What it's called when you're having sex with an old, dried up woman, and you don't have lube so you use JIF peanut butter.
Alice: Hey there Betty, How was your 73rd birthday?
Betty: Aw it was great! My husband jiffy lubed me!
Alice: You're a lucky woman. My husband is dead.
Betty: HAHA
by Timpano December 16, 2008
8 23